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A co-op adventure board game for 1 and 3 players.
You travel from ancient times to a dystopian future to save the world.


Core Box

For the vanilla gamer

Threetale Core Box

Items in red are unlocked through stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign.

Compact Box

For the budget gamer

Threetale Compact Box

Items in red are unlocked through stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign.

Expansion Box

For the hardcore gamer

Threetale Expansion Box

Items in red are unlocked through stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign.


One night, I dreamt a dream
For possible futures so bleak and reality – so torn at the seam.
I woke drenched in a cold sweat
In fear that this might be what we shall bequeath.
Every alternative hereafter was harsher than the last,
I had one thought only – this monstrosity must be stopped, and fast!

Vicious tentacles entwine the whole world in their grasp,
Hypnotists fight to entrap your mind in an iron clasp,
While reflectors of darkness and rulers heartless
Strive to steal the life out of you and the last of your breaths,
leaving you in eternal darkness.
What could I do, as fewer and fewer shall dare to fight?
True heroes are missing what could possibly bring back their might?

After а 40-day fast and prayer,
One thing has become clear –
Unless you assume a heroic identity and travel back to the past
To develop your virtues and bring nobleness back at last,
There is no one who could help the future out of the path of doom
And the whole world alongside you will be long lost, and soon.

To the land of ancient Thrace, you must travel
And help the terrifying mystery unravel –
Which Prophecy, in the end, shall be fulfilled,
And more importantly, how can the world be rebuilt?

The key to your strength is your talents –
Strive to develop them and you shall gain balance.
Thus step in the shoes of true victors – all of you!
Remember, your past is your friend and a valuable teacher, too,
But your destiny in the future rests,
So if you wish to succeed in your quests,
You must apply all newfound wisdom
And pave the path to a new kingdom!


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